Eurovision and tantric massage

Eurovision and tantric massage could be a good combination but unfortunately it is not. I know where I would spend my Saturday night and it is not in front chicken look alike background dancers lol. Instead I am dreaming myself back to the Abba Eurovision time (wishing I was actually born back then lol) and their ‘Waterloo’ success winner song 1974. That is a true Eurovision song – according to me at least! Hilarious, fun and dance approved song, easy to understand and without chickens as back dancers – sorry but that was an embarrassment. Why can’t just Eurovision be like having a tantric massage – having fun, light songs (touch) without drama and no politics. This is one of the reasons why I like massage and massaging so much – because it is easy and enjoyable and you are allowed to have a laugh lol. Eurovision should come to Mayfair and we could teach them a thing or two! But on the second hand perhaps that wouldn’t go down too well ha ha.

Abba could be the answer to Eurovision and tantric massage

And I am very happy to announce that they are recording two new songs (and hopefully a whole new album) so who knows – maybe they will do a new album and tour in the UK and guess who will be there??? I am! Without doubt, and whoever gets the tickets first can bring me as my honourable man for this special event – LOL. Hopefully they will perform close to Mayfair as then I am happy to give you a tantric or sensual massage of the best kind afterwards and discus the event together. Jokes aside, it would be amazing to see them as I l never thought that would be possible. So just to wrap this up – Abba instead of chicken songs – please!

Back in London for awhile

I am back in town now, as for you who don’t know me – I’m Chanel, the Mayfair tantric’s founder and tantric expert. I love what we do and I’v got my very own special technique/thing going on right in the heart of Mayfair and other surrounding areas and I will always make sure that I share my knowledge all the time with my ladies. is a great way to read about tantric massage in a quite straight forward way, I really like it.

Please come in for a booking, call me at any time – 07481 124592 / Chanel xxx

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