Want to know more about Nuru massage gel?

We’re sure you’re curious about this stuff.  We go on about it all the time here at Mayfair Tantric, so it’s time you learned a little more about its application…

It’s most popular use is clearly in the world of massage.  Any good Nuru massage provider will have a ready supply of this marvellous stuff.  The only way to fully realise the benefits of Nuru massage gel is to experience it first-hand of course, but we thought we’d share a little video with you that we found from the Nuru people themselves.  It will also give you a good idea of what you can do with it if you have a partner.

Now, some of you gentlemen get yourselves all worried about having a Nuru massage because you think that the oils and lotions etc. will leave you stinking and slippery for when you get home.  Well listen to this.  Nuru gel is a preferred lubricant for masseuses, not only for its slippery properties and healing effects on the skin.  It’s also odourless, completely water soluble and it doesn’t stain.  Isn’t that just what you need?  If you visit one of our lovely masseuses you’ll be able to take a shower when you’ve finished and simply wash it all off.  No-one would ever know you’d been covered in the stuff with a beautiful, naked woman sliding all over you!

Nuru massageGetting naughty on your own with Nuru massage gel

You can of course get hold of it yourself, it’s not exclusively provided to Nuru massage therapists to do their job.  You would be surprised at how many men use Nuru gel for masturbation purposes only.  Well, if you don’t have a partner to do things with, this is obviously what you’re going to do with it!  It’s the perfect gel for this, but you’re going to need a firm grip around that bad boy!

Health benefits of Nuru massage gel

Yes, there are benefits other than those you’re likely to find in the bedroom (or wherever of course!)  Have a little look at the list below and use it at your discretion when you’re trying to convince your partner that you need this stuff in the bathroom cupboard.

  • Great for sensitive skin, no irritation and totally natural
  • Excellent moisturiser
  • Helps combat cellulite
  • Improves skin condition, including skin tone

There you see!  Never say we don’t give you valuable information.  If you can’t get her to buy it because it may help the fight against cellulite, then… well, all is truly lost.  Just come for a London massage with us and forget trying!

If you’d like to get your hands on some Nuru gel, you can order it online

And if you’d like one of our lovely masseuses to show you how it’s really done – Make an appointment and come see us!

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