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I've tried a number of different massage services in and around Mayfair, but for my money, this is the best. The service is always kind and welcoming, plus the girls know how to make me a very happy camper. You will feel secure and safe - keeping things private is the main aim of the girls I've been with from Mayfair Tantric. Thanks girls, you do a great job

David W

I booked a 90-minute massage with Miranda after months of working on a new construction job here in London. I'm actually from up north, but after getting rubbed up and down by this lass I'm tempted to come down and stay in the big city. Cracking bird with a pristine body. You'd be a fool not to try it at least once.


Excuse me because my English is not as good. I came to London for a convention last week and was recommended the mayfair service by a close friend. I called the phone and booked with a girl that was recommended to me. Time was available right away so I went to her place and it was very nice. Soft body and curvy! She was very pretty when smiling and the massage I experienced was greater. I will keep my fingers crossed for more reasons to visit the city in future - this service is the best part of my travel.


believe me when i say that this service is the best in london!!! ive had bookings with freya and gabriella because whenever i ring up chanel's always fully booked (must be a good sign lol).. anyway nice girls that know how to give a decent massage.. very attractive and worth every penny.


I booked a 90-minute outcall massage for an hour and a half. Miranda arrived on time and came up to my room without causing a scene. She brought all of the things she needed and allowed me to be super relaxed throughout the experience. To be honest I've never had a top tier massage before from a more 'pricey' establishment, but I can say with confidence that it was totally worth it. Looking forward to seeing Miranda again next time I venture down to the capital. Thanks


I've had a lot of experience with massage services in and around London - this is by far my favourite. Chanel is a sweet lass that's always willing to give me the massage I need after a long week at work. She has great fingers, a firm touch (when required) and looks absolutely gorgeous every time I see her.

Andy Smith